Meet the Team

Founder, Samantha Temple: The idea for the East Africa Fund came out of my experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania, where I served as a development liaison for a rural community. Every day I worked with brilliant, inspiring, and committed locals who were changing the face of their community with their dreams and their actions. I saw what a $2,000 grant in the hands of the right community leader could do (he built an electricians school!). I saw entrepreneurs save up enough money to start small shops and turn a dusty little town into a thriving commercial center. I also saw the one thing that stood in the way…resources. Then I came back to the U.S. where I worked as a fundraiser for a large, global nonprofit. I specialized in telling stories and connecting philanthropists with great ideas. I realized that the world is full of philanthropically minded individuals and if given the opportunity to help, many will. I have put these worlds together with the hope that improved connection between global philanthropists and East African-led initiatives will result in more equitable and effective results.

Community Partnership Coordinator, Godfrey Kweyamba: Godfrey and Samantha have worked together since 2013 when they partnered for a Girls Empowerment Conference in Tanzania. Godfrey’s skills include entrepreneurship training (Gender and Entrepreneurship Together, Get-Ahead), training of trainers, youth empowerment conference facilitator, capacity building, business mentorship and counseling, and social transformation. Godfrey has been a part of EAF from day one and we would be lost without his navigation and on the ground support in Tanzania.