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Why Every Child Matters

The Angel’s Center for Children with Special Needs is a non-governmental organization established in 2012 in Kampala, Uganda. Uganda is estimated to have over 2.2 million children living with some form of disability. Overall, there is very little support for parents raising children with disabilities, the Angel’s Center is bridging this gap and ending the stigma that exists across communities in Uganda.

Children with disabilities are denied access to basic needs like education, shelter, clothing, food and health care. Even worse, families hide these children because they are regarded as “ancestral curses or punishment for wrong doings”. The Angel’s Center believes these children deserve access to basic health care and education and they are pioneering access to these services.

A Message from Josh Redmond – Harvard Business School, Leadership Development Alumnus

I grew up in Australia with a little brother with down syndrome. I am passionate about supporting children with down syndrome. After a volunteering trip to Uganda, I couldn’t get over the lack of support available for these kids and even more the stigma that existed in the communities. Uganda had made a lot of good progress with regards to educating younger generations, but it was clear that little progress had been made for the kids with special needs. I was fortunate to meet Rose, the founder of Angel’s Center. After hearing her story and meeting her son, Abryl, with down syndrome, I knew I had to help her cause.

A New Center to Reach More Children

The Angel’s Center is one of only a handful of centers offering services to children with special needs in a country with approximately 2.2 million children in need of services. They simply do not have the capacity to care for all those who need their help. Currently they have the space for about 20 children, per day and many have been turned away. To address this, they decided to build a new center on their own land. To date, they have raised enough funds to buy three acres and build the foundation, but there is still much work to do to finish the center.

When complete the center will be able to serve 200 children

We need to raise an additional $90,000 to finish building

Help make this dream a reality!

To learn about more ways to be involved or learn more about the building project, please contact:

JOSH REDMOND, Project Director