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The opportunities in East Africa today are great. Many countries are experiencing growth in resources, education, and investment. However, much of this opportunity is concentrated in a handful of urban cities and accessible by international organizations only, while thousands of domestic organizations, run entirely by local experts, remain on the periphery. These organizations are also tipping the scale towards development and they need a bridge to resources.

Improve the flow of philanthropy to East Africa. We do this by providing resources and support to local community development organizations.

We believe local solutions are the best solutions and we invest in the capacity of local community leaders and their organizations.


To improve the flow of philanthropy to East Africa, donors must start by first connecting with domestic organizations and funneling resources into the hands of local exerts. This is what makes EAF different. We create the bridge for this new era of partnership. We are successful because we have a network of outstanding organizations in Tanzania and Uganda.

News and Updates

August, 2020
Colorado Brewery Fundraising Event

Resolute Brewing Company in Denver, CO is a community focused craft brewery. Resolute and EAF’s American team are collaborating for a fundraising event focused on supporting local initiatives from Denver to East Africa.

July, 2019
Capacity Building Workshop: Tanzania

July 9th-12th, the EAF Tanzania team facilitated the first pilot Capacity Building Workshop for nine Community Based Organizations. Participants learned new skills to increase the capacity of their organizations, including: Strategic Planning, Board Development, and Fundraising.

May, 2019
Fostering Technology Innovation in Tanzania: Arrow Electronics Partners with Apps & Girls

EAF is proud to announce it’s first collaborative partnership, linking the Denver-based company, Arrow Electronics with our Tanzania partner, Apps & Girls. Through this partnership Apps & Girls will solve a critical obstacle in reproductive health services in East Africa with the creation of a new mobile service – Kimya Kimya – transforming the way customers purchase and access reproductive health products and services in East Africa.

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